Debunking Climate Myths – Columns & Letters

Climate myths run rampant world wide and locally as the following links aptly point out.  The files on this page are columns and letters which have been published in the Las Cruces Sun News.

Bob Endlich’s Comments – 26 Mar 2017 Paskus Climate Op Ed

Mythical Climate Change 97% Consensus

Sun-News Watson Name-calling Bob Replies Mar 2016

Mythical Methane Hot Spot Over New Mexico


Peter Goodman’s column on Global Warming is full of Hot Air Jul 2012

Sun-News Letter IPCC Ignores Contradicting Data 28 Oct 2013

Another Climate Prediction Failure this Winter Sun-News Letter 3 Mar 2014

Climate Predictive Models Have Failed Sun-News Letter 14 Dec 2013

Let’s Deal with the Facts on Global Warming Sun-News Op Ed 13 Jul 2009

Don’t Risk Economy on Worthless Predictions – Dave Toftsted’s 26 Apr 2o17 Sun-News Letter

Bob Endlich’s Comments Regarding Mythical Claims by State Climatologist Following Dave Toftsted’s 26 Apr 2017 Sun-News Letter

Bob Endlich’s Sun-News Letter, 1 May 2017, Questions that challenge global warming claims.

Bob Endlich’s 11 May 2017 Guest Blog on wattsupwiththat, NPR Bungles Sea Level Rise Story.

Bob Endlich’s 20 May 2017 letter to Sun-News, “Data disprove climate change theories.”

This is a 3-letter series that begins with Bob Endlich’s 12 June 2017 reply  (in format originally provided to the Sun-News) to a letter in which President Trump was slammed for  pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.  Bob’s letter was actually published in the Sun-News print edition in this format.   Gordon Hill then criticized Bob’s letter, and then Dave Toftsted replied to Gordon Hill’s letter.  Hill’s and Toftsted’s letters are shown here.

Bob Endlich’s response to USA Today article on sea-level rise published in the Las Cruces Sun-News, Rise in sea level not caused by global warming.

NOAA, NASA Bogus Climate Data letter by Dave Toftsted to Las Cruces Sun-News in which Dave takes NOAA and NASA to task for their “homogenizing” process that changes temperature declines to temperature increases.

Bob Endlich discusses the massive fraud in global warming data in response to two recent letters praising this same data.

In a letter (8/8/17) to the Las Cruces-Sun News, Bob Endlich provides information for the reader to see data manipulation fraud in the NASA-GISS data.  This is followed by a Gordon Hill letter disputing claims of NASS-GISS faulty data.  Finally, Bob Endlich provides additional comments on the debate.

Dave Toftsted criticizes the recently proposed new science standards in this 15 Oct 17 Sun-News Oped.

The Las Cruces Sun-News ran an editorial on the science standards on 27 Oct 17.  Bob Endlich responded to that editorial in the comments section of the on-line Sun-News page.  Decades ago U.S. students ranked second to none in educational achievements, but now US students are well down the list of countries with highly-achieving students.  The primary reason is that schools in this country no longer educate, they indoctrinate.  Our school systems are controlled by the political left who are preoccupied with insuring that every student is indoctrinated with every whacky, political, left-wing idea that is currently in vogue.  Instead of teaching students how to think, they are being taught what to think.  The new science standards were recently changed to include the teaching of human-caused catastrophic global warming as settled science without any discussion of skeptical viewpoints.  It (CAGW) is not settled.  It is simply a hypothesis.  One that is easily disproven. One that was arrived at without the scientific method.   This is one of the items in the debate on NM science standards.

On 1 November 2017 the Las Cruces Sun-News had as their lead editorial, “Warning on Environment is Ignored,” from their Corporate leaders at USA Today.  Bob Endlich’s reply appeared in the 14 November 2017 edition of the Sun News.  To summarize his opinion of this editorial, he believes that “ignorance appears to be the order of the day, and critical thought, in the direct presence of confounding evidence, is in short supply.”

Bob Endlich responds in a letter- to-the-editor to an erroneous claim about sea-level-rise contained in a column by our local Leftist writer, Peter Goodman, who obviously suffers from Trump derangement syndrome.  [We hope that Peter’s fever soon subsides. Ed.]

Bob Endlich’s 8 January 2018 letter to the editor responds to local Lefty and climate alarmist Peter Goodman’s attempts to zing him with a Christmas Wish using a poster picture of a mosque in Jakarta Indonesia, now in feet of water presumably from human-caused, CO2-fueled, global warming and acceleration of sea level rise….except that Jakarta is literally the poster child of ground subsidence caused by excessive ground water pumping.

The recent East Coast cyclone bomb and the failure of climate forecasting are discussed by Bob Endlich in his 26 January 2018 letter published in the Las Cruces Sun News.

Bob Endlich responds to a 10 February 2018 Las Cruces Sun-News letter by Richard Allen.