CASF Library

The Cruces Atmospheric Sciences Forum Library is available for use by members and others and will be maintained by the CASF Librarian as per the following job description.  As per the attached job description, the librarian has the option to make alternate arrangements for the signing out and returning of library items.  Normally, the procedure outlined below will be used unless alternate arrangements are made.  The lists of available items are in the links provided in the paragraph below.

The CASF Library contains books, DVDs, and pamphlets/miscellaneous publications of interest on atmospheric- and climate-related subjects.  To sign out a library item, simply notify the CASF Librarian and come to the next meeting to sign for and pick up the item of interest.  The lists of available items can be found at the links above (books, DVDs, and pamphlets/miscellaneous publications of interest.)  Simply send an email to the following address indicating which item(s) you would like to borrow along with your name, email address, and telephone number.  Then attend the next meeting to pick up the items or to return previously borrowed items.

[email protected]