CASF Monthly Meeting Presentations

This special page is for the purpose of making available to interested parties the presentation slides and other presentation materials used at our monthly CASF meetings.  These materials will be available to members and others who were unable to attend a particular meeting and also for future reference during discussions or when preparing blogs or other presentations.

Our May 2019 (18 May 2019) meeting presentation was provided by Bob Endlich on another topic casting doubt on the alarmist climate change agenda.  This topic was about the so called declining arctic ice extent.

Bernie McCune provided the presentation for our March meeting (3/20/19) entitled “Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity with a Doubling of CO2” which is presented as a post on this web site.  Bernie discusses a multitude of problems with the faulty ECS values which have been in the range of 1.5 to 4.5 based on two models from 40 years ago that have never produced a correct prediction of global average temperature.  This is bad science and even though enormous amounts of money have been spent in model development, little to nothing has been accomplished to improve these results.  In fact the emphasis by the IPCC and environmentalists using all these models seems to be on man-made warming effects from CO2 when more and more as discussed in the ECS presentation, the driver of climate is very apparently natural sun based effects.

February’s forum meeting presentation was provided by Bob Endlich.  It was based on a 6 Feb 2019 video and internet presentation by Katherine Hayhoe.   Bob found numerous misstatements of fact, exaggerations, misconceptions, and apparent deliberate falsehoods in her presentation.  Bob’s presentation disects this presentation and provides the results of his analysis.  Following her presentation, Bob was able to make  a couple of comments and ask a question.   Instead of answering the question, Madam Hayhoe lectured him on his source material and lack of the “proper” credentials to ask such questions or make such comments.  While she referred to those of us who are skeptical as “denialists,” Ms Hayhoe left no doubt that she is a card-carrying, true-believing, propaganda-pushing, pseudo-scientific, catostrophic, anthropogenic, global warming alarmist.  Her forte appeared to be her skill as a propagandist and not as a scientist, which Bob pointed out in his presentation.  While he presented references and sources for all of his claims, Katherine Hayhoe did not provide a single one.  As Bob likes to say, “Folks, you can’t make this stuff up!”

Bob Endlich presented Part 1 of a summary of a book written by John Kehr titled “The Inconvenient Skeptic”.  Kehr, an engineer, had to research the topic of climate change in order to draw his own conclusions about the validity of the claim that catastrophic climate change is putting the planet in peril.  While all of Bob’s presentations are very interesting, this was one of his most interesting to date.  In his book Kehr shows that plate tectonics was responsible for changing the ocean circulations that caused the Antarctic to freeze over.  Prior to then, the antarctic was ice free and much warmer than it is now.  This is but one gem from Bob’s summary, slides 20, 30, and 31.  Check out his slide presentation for many others.  Bob will be presenting at least one more part to his summary of Kehr’s book at one or more future meetings.

Our December (15 Dec 2018) meeting presentation was given by Bob Endlich, and was a critique of the 4th National Climate Assessment Volume, released on Black Friday of this year (23 November 2018).  This most recent NCA Volume has been widely panned by many skeptics; even Al Gore said it was “torqued-up” during an interview with Judy Woodruff, which means Al Gore actually said they lied.  Bob’s presentation exposes these incorrect statements and some omissions using data from data bases available to people who have an interest in facts.  Apparently, those who wrote this NCA did not need to study data or history upon which to base their assessment.  They simply made it up.

Dr. Harold H. Doiron

Our October meeting presentation was moved to 24 October 2018, a Wednesday, and consisted of a talk by Dr. Harold H. Doiron titled, “An independent Objective Analysis of the Anthropogenic Global Warming Issue.”  Dr. Doiron (bio is here) is the Chairman of The Right Climate Stuff Research Team (web site), a group of NASA engineers and scientists who were involved in the Apollo Program and other space programs.  The slides for Dr. Doiron’s presentation are contained in the above link.  An abstract of his presentation can be found here.

Our August (18 Aug 2018) meeting presentation on tornadoes and tornado chasing was provided by CASF member, Jeff Passner.  This presentation contains many very spectacular photos of tornadoes.  As a tornado chaser, Jeff took many of the photos himself.  He also provided an excellent tutorial on the genesis of tornadoes.

Dave Tofsted talked about “Why Johnny can’t read” and his analysis of the Grisham energy plan in his presentation to the CASF group at our meeting on 21 July 2018.  Under Common Core teachers are told how to teach reading and cannot use their own tried and true methods.  For exampled, phonetics are taught for 9 weeks and abandoned after that in favor of whole word recognition.  The Grisham plan requires 50% renewables by 2030 and 80% renewables by 2040.  Dave has done a fairly detailed analysis of this plan and in his presentation he discusses why the plan is doomed to failure and makes no sense from an economical standpoint.

Our June 2018 (6/16/2018) meeting presentation was provided by Bob Endlich.  Bob looked at a

Bob Endlich is about to begin his presentation to the CASF.

multitude of reasons why Gregg Garfin’s presentation at NM State University on 25 April 2018 was misguided and in error.  Bob’s daughter, Cathy, took several photographs at our meeting and they are shown above and below.  Bob’s briefing slides can be seen here.

CASF members from left: Bob Murry, Fran Lavery (by mirror), Dave Toftsted, Radon Loveland, John Ennis, and Scott Elliot.

Bob says that Dr Garfin’s tone is needlessly alarmist, but fully expected from a scientist wedded to the
UN IPCC’s charter to find ONLY human-caused CO2-fueled Global Warming.  Garfin says that the outlook for the Southwest is “hotter and more arid,” but Bob provides clear evidence that the late 20th Century PDO warm period produced some of the heaviest rains in the last 2000 years. Also, it produced the highest Great Salt Lake levels, in 1983, and the highest reservoir levels in the Colorado River system.  Based on

CASF members from left: Bernie McCune, Edward Burlbaw, Radon Loveland, Jon Kahler, and Bob Murry.

detailed literature search, Bob showed that historically droughts in the Southwest generally occur during PDO cold periods.  Consequently, Garfin’s assertion that the occurance of “hot and arrid” do not generally occur together and that the data show that “cold and arrid” is the norm.  This is but one example out of a multitude of examples provided by Bob where Gregg Garfin apparently needs to take a closer look at the historical data.


Bernie McCune presented (5/19/2018) an excellent video briefing by Nir Shaviv on the effect of cosmic rays on the earth’s climate.  The movie can be seen at this link.  Since complex material in the video was supplied at an extremely fast pace, Bernie provided a number of documents for forum members to study prior to the meeting as an aide to more easily understanding the material.  These documents are available here.

For our April (4/21/2018) meeting, Bob Endlich provided a briefing on the scientific grounds for reconsidering the EPA’s carbon dioxide endangerment finding.  The endangerment finding was attributed to three considerations: the physical or theoretical understanding of climate, temperature records, and the output from computer models.  Bob shows how these factors are just plain incorrect.  In the case of physical understanding and computer modeling, the “missing tropical hot spot” shows that; he also shows how surface temperature records have been “adjusted” to essentially eliminate their cyclic nature.

Our March (3/17/2018) presentation provided by Bob Endlich was entitled the “Madden-Julian Oscillation.”  This is a mostly tropical weather system originating in the Indian Ocean and moving around the Earth in from 30 to 90 days (see slide show below in which the  slides change every 7 seconds.)  The MJO, which can have impressive effects on weather in the USA and the Southwest states,  was not even discovered until the early 1970s.  It and its effects are an active research activity.  Bob also presented a small sidebar on the Maritime Continent and a more extensive sidebar on Outgoing Longwave Radiation (OLR).  The latter is what keeps the climate stable.

Our January (1/20/2018) and February (2/17/2018) presentations were on  “The Future of Everything,” by Bernie McCune.  It includes information on demographics, future growth, population pyramids, and other elements which the alarmists tell us are glimpses of imminent doom and climate catastrophe.  The slides used for the two-part presentation are Part 1 and Part 2.  Additional slides:  Biggest US Industries,  Labor Force Participation, and World GDP 2016 – 2030.

Our December meeting (12/16/17) presentation by Bob Endlich was on the California’s Santa Ana winds and associated wild fires.  This presentation included weather charts and meteorological analyses showing that the presence of cold air and high pressure over Nevada pushes downslope winds which are the controlling factor in autumn wind-driven fires in California.  The intense record- setting rainfall of the January and February 2017 provided ample moisture for grasses and weed growth; the lack of summer rains dominates the Mediterranean Climate of coastal California. While California’s Governor Jerry Brown, places the blame for this fire on climate change and refers to it as the “new normal,” it is the dominance of this ridge of high pressure and the lack of rainfall at the end of summer which set the stage for these wildfires. The shift from El Nino to La Nina Watch conditions occurred this year, and Bob showed the NWS’ pattern shift towards drought from California to South Carolina in La Nina winters.   In a review of the October 2017, Wine Country fires, the presentation showed newspaper speculation that Governor Brown might have been partially responsible for the catastrophic October fires starting in the first place when he vetoed a bill that would have paid infrastructure funding to reduce the likelihood of sparking from power lines, poles and similar structures.

For our November meeting (11/18/17) Bob Endlich provided an interesting talk on precipitation, measurements, and measurement problems.   His presentation was triggered by an analysis done by Dr. David Legates of U Del, presented at the America First Energy Conference in Houston on 11/9/17.  The biggest problem is wind effect. In the early 1990’s National Weather Service began using precipitation gages with wind shields to slow the wind.  These improvements resulted in improved catch efficiency and an accompanying upward shift in the measured precipitation amounts.  Climate alarmists, unaware of the new instrumentation’s effect on measurements, claim this was strong evidence of human-caused CO2-fueled global warming.  Recent Precipitation Measurements and More False Claims of Global Warming Effects.

The weather and circumstances surrounding the recent California forest fires and some climate  history were discussed by Bob Endlich at our October meeting (10/21/17).

A Crash Course in Logic and Its Relationship to the Climate Change Debate presented by Dave Toftsted, PhD, at our September 2017 meeting (9/16/17.)

Are We Running Out of Stuff or Energy? presented by Bernie McCune at our August 2017 meeting( 8/19/17.)  Supporting information and reference material is also provided.

The Twilight of Abundance was presented by Bernie McCune at our 21 January 2017 meeting.

Bernie McCune provided the February (2/20/16) meeting presentation on Ocean Circulations and their potential effects on climate.  This link provides some background information on obtaining ice core proxy data related to ocean cycles and temperature data.

The July Meeting presentation (7/18/15) by Bernie McCune was about heat from the oceans rather than the heat being absorbed by them as we so often hear about and the related ocean circulation patterns.

Bob Endlich provided the February 2015 (2/21/15) presentation titled “Deliberate Deception of Climate Change” in which he provided the history and examples of how the climate change hoax developed over the years.