More Evidence of Deep State Interference in the 2020 Election

Robert W Endlich

In late 2020 I wrote, “ Blatant Examples: Massive Vote Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election,”  which reported on vote and voter fraud in the 2020 “election” of Joe Biden to be US President.

Image by Pixabay

Among the many topics in that 2020 post [that] are prescient of the over three years and counting developments we see today, are the examples showing another truth about election fraud.  Rather than being “stand alone” voting machines whose duties are solely to record the vote, there are examples which show that either the machines were on the Internet and subject to off-site manipulation or were manipulated by persons unknown who had unauthorized access to the machines.

I wrote then, that in Antrim County, Michigan, an audit showed that the machine logs, which display logins and other privileged machine data, had been deleted from the voting machines.

So not only has CASF been correct about the notion of vote and voter fraud, but we have been correct on the wrongdoing pertaining to COVID19, the experimental drugs posing as vaccines, as well as the erroneous reporting and false claims regarding weather, climate, and climate change.


On 9 Feb 2024 my friends at the Heartland Institute, the ones who put on the International Climate Change Conferences, released this story, “Mail-in Voter Fraud Was Rampant in 2020: Here’s How to Stop It in Future Elections.” From that story:

“In November and December of 2023, The Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports conducted a landmark survey of voters, which former President Donald Trump called ‘the biggest story of the year’ and ‘the most important poll released in the last 20 years.’  According to the results of the survey, a massive number of voters who cast ballots by mail admitted to committing at least one form of voter fraud in the 2020 election.”

Some of the most important findings from the Heartland-Rasmussen poll include:

“Seventeen percent of mail-in voters admitted that in 2020 they voted in a state where they are ‘no longer a permanent resident.’”

“Twenty-one percent of mail in voters admitted that they filled out a ballot for a friend or family member.”

“Seventeen percent of mail-in voters said they signed a ballot for a friend or family member ‘with or without his or her permission.’”

“Nineteen percent of mail-in voters said that a friend or family member filled out their ballot, in part or in full, on their behalf.”

Heartland’s partnership with Rasmussen Reports in the design of this poll makes the results more credible in my eyes, and probably with much of the readership. Further, Heartland’s analysis of these results includes these words:

“The reasons behind the widespread voter fraud discovered in our survey are likely many and varied, but they share at least one commonality: mail-in voter fraud was relatively easy to commit in many states in 2020. And, unfortunately, the same is true today.”

Vote Fraud, Voter Fraud, Voting Fraud: They are part and parcel of the plague upon election integrity in the USA which is the ability to use mail-in ballots to commit massive election fraud.

Former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James A Baker III worked together on the bipartisan 2005 Commission on Federal Election Reform.  I found this quote on the web site of Jimmy Carter’s organization, The Carter Center,

“…that because it takes place outside the regulated environment of local polling locations, voting by mail creates… the potential for vote fraud, especially if safeguards are lacking or when candidates or political party activists are allowed to handle mail-in or absentee ballots.” (from para 3) (italics, ellipses, and bolding added for emphasis)


When he was on Fox News Channel, and reportedly the highest-rating (in terms of viewership) newscaster on TV, I frequently watched his nightly show on Fox. I did not and do not agree with all that Carlson says, but found his content interesting, frequently compelling, and well thought-out for the most part.

On 16 Feb 2024 Carlson presented an interview with Mike Benz, on Tucker Carlson Network and rebroadcast on X, formerly Twitter, at

Mike Benz was Deputy Assistant Secretary (of State) for International Communications and Information Policy in the Trump Administration, in State’s Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs. Nowadays Mike Benz has his own organization, The Foundation for Freedom Online, at

I watched Carlson’s interview with Mike Benz completely twice, and wrote my notes on that interview, notes which became part of my presentation to CASF.  There is a transcript of that interview at  My two viewings and my review of the transcript barely scratch the surface so to speak of the content of that interview, so the balance of this post will similarly only scratch the surface of that content.

Being born in 1940, I have only a few memories of WW2, more memories from the beginning of the Cold War in the post-WW2 years. Mike Benz mentions that in those post-WW2 years, in the effort to prevent even more of Europe from falling into the Soviet Union, the CIA stuffed the ballot boxes in Italy’s 1948 elections to prevent a Russian/Soviet takeover, as had happened in nearby Yugoslavia, just to the east.

I was eight years old and in the 3d grade when there were the stories on the radio (we didn’t have a TV yet) about postwar troubles in Italy, Greece, and then the Berlin Blockade in the summer of 1948.

Before the Internet, the US had engaged in open advocacy for the freedoms of the West with free speech and broadcasts from the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe. I distinctly remember listening to BBC World Service (sometimes, Voice of America) and, from behind the Iron Curtain, Radio Moscow, and Radio Prague. I had short wave receivers both in the car (my ‘77 VW Passat had a short wave band on the radio) and at home, experiences which gave me the short wave radio bug while I was stationed with VII Corps in Stuttgart from 1979-1982.

Seven years after I left Stuttgart in 1982, the Berlin Wall came down (in 1989) and by 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed.

The promise of the Internet, which was thought to be a voice of freedom world-wide in its early days, apparently flourished in its early days, and Mike Benz says that its high-water mark was the Arab Spring of ~2012.

During the Winter Olympics at Sochi, Russia in Feb 2014, Russia planned and started executing its takeover of Crimea, then part of Ukraine. Lt Gen Michael Flynn provided the Obama White House about 8-10 days’ lead time prior to the Russian Special Forces or Spetznatz operation in Crimea according to a 7 Mar 2014 report by NPR. Within a very few weeks, Russia annexed Crimea after a Russian-led “referendum” widely thought to be both illegal and fraudulent. Nonetheless, it set a precedent to use “Information Operations” instead of always using military force, so as to topple governments through the use of news and social media.

Just a couple of years later the UK’s BREXIT Vote in 2016 led to NATO’s Charter change to embrace “Hybrid Warfare” to counter right-leaning groups’ increasing popularity and growing strength.

Rick Stengel was nominated by Obama, then confirmed, as Undersecretary of State for Public Affairs (speaker to the world on behalf of the USA.)

Rick Stengel ran the Global Engagement Center in State, under Obama. In this center they developed an AI-aided network operations center, (‘Who and How adversaries are communicating over the Internet,’) originally to counter ISIS in Iraq. This group became State’s Censors.

These State Censors left to Join the Atlantic Council after Hillary was defeated in 2016. There they developed automated censorship (of opposing views) using computational linguistics, or more popularly, “Weapons of Mass Deletion”.

In 2017 they started an organization of a permanent domestic censorship function: component parts of the State Department, the Atlantic Council, and a part of Homeland Security, a “whole of society” “counter- disinformation alliance.”

Specifically, it was an online domestic censorship operation of the Government to put pressure on social media and NGOs.

This new organization used the powers to overthrow governments developed by the CIA and the domestic overview functions of the FBI and put them into CISA, in Homeland Security: The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

With CISA in place in Homeland Security, Tweeting or posting online about the problems of mail-in ballots was construed to be a cyber-attack on critical infrastructure, viz., elections, and subject to extreme sanction of such individuals’ and their actions. (~37:45 mark of the Carlson interview of Mike Benz)

The :37 to :46 block of this interview tells how this operation was able to strong-arm social media operators into censorship of any post or content which pointed out that abuse of mail in ballots could manipulate the 2020 election outcome, a Government function specifically prohibited in the First Amendment.

Through threats of Government punishment, CISA coerced the social media operators into censoring posts describing Trump’s warnings of such, and they bragged about it!

In the 2020 election, these tools were used by the Pentagon to directly censor by deleting many thousands of posts regarding COVID contrarians and Mail-in Ballot fraud potential. (~:31 min mark of Tucker Carlson’s interview of Mike Benz).

Think about it…CISA, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, using their powers to ostensibly prevent cyber-driven attacks on critical US infrastructure, specifically our elections, then used that power to attack free-speech advocates who warned us about the abuse of mail-in ballots.

CISA then was used to strong-arm social media organizations and directly mass-delete posts and forwarded posts, which were warning of such election fraud potential.

Our own Government actors, the Deep State, meddled in the 2020 elections to delete Donald Trump’s posts. It was Direct Election Interference, and further indications that there was massive fraud in the 2020 presidential election.


This would normally be the end of my post, but on the evening of the presentation, 16 March 2024, I received even more information on this topic from my former Squadron First Sergeant from our days in 7th Weather Squadron in Cold War Germany.

He sent me a post from Elizabeth Nickson on Substack, “Our Invisible Chains—Our Stolen Vote,” Elisabeth Nickson’s collective writings are, “Welcome to Absurdistan.”

From this very post, an image (figure below) which seemingly tells the tale of how the Deep State’s interference in our elections extended to New Mexico in 2020:

Maggie Toulouse Oliver is the Secretary of State of New Mexico, and the domain, <> is indeed the internet domain used by employees of the State of New Mexico. So, the very existence of this email tells us so many things:

Election Machines are on the Internet and subject to manipulation by those who know the Internet Protocol address, (the IP address) and log in credentials. Claims that the machines are not on the Internet are proved to be false by this email. The NM Secretary of State is committing an illegal act by sending this email, she is crooked, as is much in the State of New Mexico.

Elisabeth Nickson is very good, sees clearly the craziness of the Global Warming Alarmists, and has a number of posts which readers here will love.

These include “The Epic Bullshit of Catastrophic Climate Change,”,

The Stinking Privilege of the Green New Deal

Perhaps the best hit Elisabeth Nickson makes on the Global Warming Alarmists is, “Why Is Everything So Stupid? Climate ‘Science’ has Murdered Truth.”

Author: Robert Endlich

Robert W. Endlich served as Weather Officer in the USAF for 21 Years. From 1984-1993, he provided toxic corridor and laser propagation support to the High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility at White Sands Missile Range. He has published in the technical literature and worked as software test engineer. He was elected to Chi Epsilon Pi, the national Meteorology Honor Society, while a Basic Meteorology student at Texas A&M University. He has a BA degree in Geology from Rutgers University and an MS in Meteorology from the Pennsylvania State University.