3 Decades of Global Warming Predictions Have Failed

In the 1970s, the left was pushing a climate scare tactic known as Global Cooling. Its purpose was to frighten Americans into voting for unaccountable federal programs that would strangle business and citizens with high taxes and out of control regulations.

American Liberty Report

[This amusing piece was borrowed from the American Liberty Report.  You can find the original article on line.  Ed.]

In the 1970s, the left was pushing a climate scare tactic known as Global Cooling. Its purpose was to http://www.americanlibertyreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Capture-a-a-a-alkkjasdas-e1530219270613.jpgfrighten Americans into voting for unaccountable federal programs that would strangle business and citizens with high taxes and out of control regulations.

There was even a popular Iron Maiden song about it called Total Eclipse with overtly anti-human lyrics. “Sunrise has gone, freezing up the fires. Sunrise has gone, numbing our desires.”

You get the picture.

But Global Cooling never happened. They needed a new climate game. So, in 1988, a 30-year Global Warming forecast was published. Can you even imagine the backroom conversations that must have went on?

SCENE: In a smoky conservatory, Somewhere in Washington, D.C…

Globalist #1: (slams a glass of bourbon on the table) ‘Our global cooling scam didn’t work, Stanton. What do we do now?’

Globalist #2: ‘Initiate operation Global Warming (opens mouth for a sinister laugh)’

Globalist #3: (steps away from the Slip-N-Slide) ‘Not so fast Leopold! The public needs at least ten years to forget this whole global cooling debacle. We’ll publish a global warming scare sometime in the late 80s.’

Globalist #1: ‘But what’ll we do till then, Reginald?’

Globalist #3: ‘I don’t know, drown teenagers at Lolita Island and have those Clinton kids in Arkansas cover it up? They seem desperate to prove themselves!’

All: (Laugh uproariously)

30 Years Later

Fast forward 30 years and guess what, global warming projections for the last three decades have turned out to be just as wrong as the global cooling projections of the 70s. The Wall Street Journal has just released a review of the predictions, and they have never even come close to being correct. It’s almost like they just made it up from whole cloth.

In June of 1988, NASA climatologist James Hansen testified before a Senate Committee saying; “We have concluded, with a high degree of confidence that a cause and effect relationship exists between the claimed CO2 induced greenhouse effect and observed warming.”

A note:  Whenever the Government is lying about a scientific issue, you’re bound to hear weasel phrases like “high degree of confidence.”

According to the primary source material from the predictions, actual surface temperatures were increasing between the years 1960 and 1990. But in 1990, the projections look like a rocket while actual surface temperatures increase at a much slower rate. Temperature predictions for the current year are double what they actually are.

Climate models developed by the United Nations around the same time are equally faulty. But how could they be so wrong? The projections were based on a sharp increase in temperatures between the years 1984 and 1989. Surface temperatures dipped sharply in the previous four years, and then began to rise. The projections in the Global Warming Forecast of 1988 was based on a four-year trend.

It’s almost as if these experts took a crash course in global climatology in 1983 and then started looking at current data and panicked. That’s the most generous interpretation of the facts we could muster. But the fact that they wanted to hijack the entire government and rig the economy transforms what might have been a huge mistake into an attempted power grab of epic proportions.

What About the 97%?

The models for global warming are based on very brief temperature trends and do not take even decades-long temperature records into account. On top of this, they want us to believe that 97% of climate scientists agree with projections based on a four year period. That would mean 97% of them are wrong, and the next time they claim a huge consensus, we should simply ignore it outright.

All of this may be laughable. Yes, it makes people like Al Gore- who predicted that the ice caps would be liquefied by now- look like standard issue con men. But don’t think for a moment that they didn’t get everything they wanted. They did.

Huge environmental agencies with lots of political power have been created, and over the years, more than a billion dollars has been shoved into the pockets of the people crying wolf.

A Sure-Fire Prediction

If you want a prediction you can count on, try this one on for size: The climate change scare will fade into obscurity over the next ten years. The public will forget about it. Then, sometime around 2088, global cooling will make headlines… and with a high degree of confidence, we predict Iron Maiden will stage a comeback tour.

~ American Liberty Report