Blatant Examples: Massive Vote Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election

Robert W. Endlich

January 9, 2021 (Addendum added September 2, 2023)


While I was watching the returns on Election Night, 3 November 2020, and into the early morning hours of 4 November, I saw extremely suspicious activity—vote counting was suspended in the swing states; the suspensions of vote counting were reported on live TV as they happened.

One report from Fulton County (Atlanta Metro), Georgia, said they suspended counting because of a “massive water leak.”

How convenient.

Later reports were that a single urinal had overflowed in the morning, was promptly fixed, and the area was summarily cleaned up.

But we could see on live TV that counting was halted also in Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

I have used the same technique in determining voter fraud in the 2020 US Presidential Election that I use in determining fraud in the notion of human-caused, CO2-fueled, global warming: careful analysis of the time series of the data in question. For climate, it is the raw temperature time series and finding later “adjustment” of the data. Further down in this post you will see my similar election fraud analysis, but make no mistake, the fraud was massive and in plain sight.

With vote fraud, we can look at the video recordings of the TV presentations and the data feeds from the aggregators who fed the data to the TV networks.

It is all plainly visible. It is stunning that the Mainstream Media blithely still reports that the 2020 Presidential Election was “free and fair,” despite the “in plain sight” examples of the election being stolen from President Trump.

Fraud was Visible in the Primaries

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is an Indian-American scientist who ran for US Senate in Massachusetts, found numerous election irregularities, and who has written about and produced videos on his experiences. Figure 1 below is from one of his videos, on the 2020 Massachusetts Primary Election.

The sources for the data plotted are replies to his campaign’s Freedom of Information Act requests to the various Massachusetts municipalities themselves. The fact that the number of votes is greater than the number of voters in these seven municipalities is prima face evidence of widespread voter fraud in the Massachusetts primary, and an indication of Blue State election corruption which occurred before, during and after the 2020 Presidential Election. The Latin term prima face means roughly, “on the face of it,” just looking at it critically and applying common-sense logic. See for yourselves:

Figure 1. 2020 Primary election vote count from seven municipalities showing the number of voters, the number of votes, and the number of excess ballots cast in the 2020 primary election from Massachusetts. These data were obtained from Freedom of Information Act requests to the municipalities by Shiva 4 Senate. The only way that there can be more votes than voters is that fraudulent voting has occurred, obviously widespread in Massachusetts, a Blue State long run by the Democrat Party.
Time Series Analysis Shows the Fraud in Wisconsin

Figure 2 below is a time series plot from ABC News that plotted the data obtained by FiveThirtyEight, a polling organization run by Nate Silver, showing vote returns from Wisconsin.

At Midnight, there are about 1.4 million votes for Trump and 1.1 million votes for Biden, a ratio of 56% of the 2.5 million votes for Trump. The cities’ early returns reported about equally for Biden and Trump, then as suburban and rural votes were tallied, Trump’s lead continued to grow over time.

Then on 4 November, at 3:42AM Central Time there is a chunk of votes, 143,379 for Biden and 25,163 for Trump.  So, with this chunk of over 168,000 votes, Trump gets 14.9% where he had 56% of the previous 2.5 million.

To say that these 168,542 votes came from the same population as the previous 2.5 million votes is preposterous on the face of it. It is obvious that the 3:42AM on 4 November “chunk” of votes, over 85% for Biden, did not come from the same population, it was manufactured to provide a large plurality of Biden votes.

This is cheating, and the plurality of votes for Biden in this single chunk of votes was SIX TIMES the supposed “margin of victory” for Biden in Wisconsin.

The recount of the votes cast in this election merely recounted the fraudulent chunk of votes dropped at 3:42AM on 4 November. The purported results did not change because they could not change, given that the single fraudulent chunk of over 168,000 votes, over 85% for Biden, had been included in the totals.

Figure 2. FiveThirtyEight-ABC News plot of election returns from Wisconsin shortly after 6AM on Wednesday, 4 November 2020. From about 11PM Tuesday 3 Nov to 3AM Wednesday 4 November the suburban and rural votes show Trump leading and that lead becoming stronger with time. Suddenly, in the dark of night at 3:42AM, 168,542 votes are dropped into the returns, over 85% of which are for Joe Biden, and completely at odds with the results from the rest of the population. This “vote drop” occurred after the counting was stopped, while the workers in the Democrat Party determined how many excess Biden votes would be needed to overcome the extant Trump lead. “Mission Accomplished.”

I found this quote from this source: “Through the night, all such ballots came from heavily Democratic areas posting unusually, improbably high turnout. 85% in Milwaukee? A city that turned out at only 61% in 2016, and even with Obama on the ballot in 2012, at 71%? But 85% for Sleepy Joe? According to one report, seven Milwaukee precincts returned more presidential votes than they have registered voters.”

Manufacturing Votes, not Cars, in Michigan.

There was a similar story in Michigan, but with additional twists. The same FiveThirtyEight-ABC News source tells a story, in this case, the first mysterious “chunk” of votes was dropped at 3:50AM on Wednesday 4 November, which showed an almost 50,000 vote plurality for Biden, where Biden got 82% of 54,497 votes, but it was not enough to change the in-progress Trump Landslide. Something had to be done, and soon! You can see what was done, with delivery of the 6:31AM “chunk” of 147,244 votes later in the morning of Wednesday, 4 November, over 95% of which were for Biden. This plus the earlier vote drop at 3:50AM, set the stage for the eventual Biden “Victory.”

Figure 3. It took two chunks of fraudulent votes to overcome the Trump Landslide in Michigan. President Trump took an early lead in the vote counts in Michigan, so a chunk of votes over 54,000 votes, with Biden receiving over 82% was dropped into the state vote count at 3:50AM. But it was not enough to stem the landslide-in-progress for President Trump. So, a second, larger, chunk of votes was dropped into the vote hopper at 6:31, over 141,000 votes and an amazing 96% of which were for Biden. Taken together, these two chunks of anomalously high-percentage Biden votes, almost 166,000 votes, was enough to insure the purported 154,000 “victory” margin for Biden.

There were other voting irregularities in Michigan, some of which were highlighted in this article, published on 14 Dec 2020, which described the errors in the Dominion Voting Systems machines used in Antrim County, found during an audit of these machines.

One of the design “features” of this machine, uncovered in court-sanctioned audit, was that the machine threw over 68% of the votes into “adjudication,” where human vote counters adjudicate voter intent, and those human election workers can and do throw the vote in whatever direction the workers determine, not how the individual voted. The Federal Election Commission reportedly allows for an error rate of 0.0008 percent. The 68% vote adjudication rate in this case is another example of widespread significant fraud.

In another life I was a software instructor in IMETS, Integrated Meteorological System, part of the Army’s Battle Command System for command and control on the battlefield, where I instructed in weather and weather effects on the battlefield.

Our Integration Contractor, Northrup Grumman, taught the Systems Software applications, and part of the suite of duties taught to the System Administrator was to be responsible to inspect the “system logs,” the events when different individuals log onto the system, log off, have failed logins, change passwords, and take other similar actions. So, for each individual computer system there is a log of all such actions.

All machines have such logs, but in the Dominion Voting Systems machines used in Antrim County, Michigan, inspected in a court-sanctioned audit, these logs were missing! The machines’ previous election logs were intact, but “mysteriously” the 2020 Presidential Election logs were missing.

This is another example of prima face evidence of significant vote fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in Michigan. Among the possibilities are that the machine was surreptitiously linked up on the Internet and the logs were removed by deliberate actions after suspicions of fraud were voiced, or there was unauthorized physical access to the machines by agents acting on behalf of the Democrat Party of Michigan. Neither possibility would be an indication of a “free and fair” election.

To add to findings of Michigan fraud, The Federalist reported ballots being delivered in the dark of night, when such deliveries were supposedly suspended, poll watchers being forced to “watch” from “impossible to observe” distances away from the counting areas, and ballots being misplaced or wrongly placed under boxes.

Election Night in Georgia

In Georgia, there were several significant elements of vote fraud including vote switching visible during the TV broadcast, color-in ballot “bubbles” perfectly colored in, no color outside the bubble margins, un-creased Mail-In ballots, some, 500 in a row for Biden, and deliberately miscounting Trump votes for Biden.

The over 24,000 vote-switch for Biden, visible in the rerun of the TV broadcast seen on CNN, was more than twice the 11,000-vote plurality for Biden.

How can “Mailed In” ballots be not creased to be put in the mailing envelope?

In one incident captured on security camera, after the vote-counting had reportedly ended for the night, election workers trundled suitcases full of ballots hidden during the day under a table in the counting area, and proceeded to open the suitcases and run these ballots through voting machines, unobserved by the poll-watchers, but fully captured by the security cameras, and replayed for TV audiences around the country and the world.

A vote update in Georgia listed at 1:34AM Eastern Time on November 4th, 2020, shows 136,155 votes for Joe Biden and 29,115 votes for Donald Trump. This single update, with a plurality of over 107,000 votes for Biden, by itself, is some 9 times higher than the statewide margin of votes for Biden. To claim that this chunk of 165,270, with over 82% for Biden, came from the same population of voters which had 49% Trump votes and 49% Biden votes tallied statewide strains credulity.

Votes for Trump in Pennsylvania: “slip-sliding-away”

Information on the vote in Pennsylvania report something which is not supposed to happen in elections, previously tallied votes for a candidate mysteriously disappearing from reported vote totals on election day.

This video documents Election Day votes being taken from President Trump in Pennsylvania; recommended watching, it is only six minutes long. Figure 4 below shows a screen capture from that video showing multiple instances of votes being taken from Trump on Election Day; the video says, “twelve deductions of over 279,000 votes” were taken from Trump illegally. Since the purported margin of victory of Biden in Pennsylvania is 81,660 votes, this would represent three times this margin as the number of votes taken away from President Trump in Pennsylvania.

Figure 4. Screen capture from this video, which shows votes being taken away from President Trump on Election Day, in Pennsylvania, in real time. From the video narrative, “twelve vote deductions of over 279,000 votes” is heard about the 3:25 mark. This number alone, 279,000 votes, was THREE TIMES the alleged margin of “victory” in Pennsylvania for Biden.

In a 4 Jan 2021 story in The Epoch Times, according to an analysis by the Data Integrity Group, obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times, over 432,000 votes for Trump—from both election day and mail-in ballots—were removed from the totals in at least 15 counties.


There are numerous examples of reported vote fraud in the swing states during the Presidential Election of 2020, most of which can be seen when looking at time series of reported vote progression on Election Day, 3 Nov 2020, and the following day. Each of the swing state vote totals I cited had these characteristics:

Vote counting was suspended the night of the election.

After the vote suspension, “chunks” of votes, with overwhelming majorities for Biden were entered into each state’s system. The pre-suspension state totals were about 49+% for Trump–49+% for Biden, but the post-suspension chunks were so one-sided for Biden, it is statistically impossible for them to have been drawn from the population of each state.

They were “manufactured” by activist members of the Democrat Party and subsequently were entered into the state system to overturn the in-progress Trump victory.

This characteristic was evident in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia.  In Georgia, this was complemented by vote switching visible from examination of vote tallies from live TV.  Alleged mail-in votes, which had not been folded for mailing, were entered into the system.  Suitcases of votes concealed under a table in the counting area were entered into the system after hours, when the counting was announced to have been halted, so no poll-watchers were present when the previously packed-in-suitcases ballots were entered into the voting machine scanners.

In Pennsylvania, one analysis of the returns shows the Election Day surplus of votes for President Trump eroded and overcome by “twelve vote deductions of over 279,000 votes,” three times the alleged Biden victory margin of 81,660 votes. A later analysis by the Voter Integrity Group shows that over 432,000 votes for President Trump were removed in fifteen Pennsylvania counties.

Through the windows of vote count progression provided by aggregators, and available to the interested from Internet Search, as well as the video record of what the Mainstream Media broadcast on live TV, it is possible to reconstruct the vote progression in the various states and see the accumulation of votes over time and see the switching of votes as the MSM reported in real time on election night.

It is indeed blatant and massive, for those willing to search, look, and find.


[Bob Endlich recently found this item on the internet.  It was published on 31 August 2023, so it is new and important information regarding the 2020 election, and it fits very well with the information above in Bob’s post.  As shown below, this was originally published by the Gateway Pundit and is reproduced here under the fair use doctrine.  Ed]

‘The Voter Fraud No One Is Talking About” – YouTube’s Mr. Reagan on the Greatest Evidence of 2020 Voter Fraud via The Gateway Pundit (VIDEO)

The Voter Fraud No One Is Talking About” – YouTube’s Mr. Reagan on the Greatest Evidence of 2020 Voter Fraud via The Gateway Pundit (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, Mr. Reagan on YouTube released a video that has since gone viral. In the video, Mr. Reagan highlights the recent work by The Gateway Pundit and our Michigan contributors and investigative team, Patty McMurray, Ben Wetmore, Phil O’Halloran, and Braden Giacobazzi on the GBI Strategies voter registration scandal.

Mr. Reagan: Ladies and gentlemen, now we’ve got it. We have got the evidence. This is all due to the amazing reporting of Ben Wetmore and Patty McMurray and, of course, Jim Hoft over at the Gateway Pundit. This is the smoking gun, folks. It’s a smoking gun of widespread voter fraud in Michigan and also indicates widespread voter fraud across the country. Now, this should be the biggest story in the country right now, and yet no one is covering it. The only one I’ve seen pick up the story in any significant way is Steve Bannon. No mainstream news organizations have covered this at all…

…What if I told you that now we have proof of widespread voter fraud in favor of Joe Biden, the smoking gun that Democrat politicians and so called journalists have insisted does not exist since November of 2020? What if I told you we’ve got it? Well, then not only would we be able to prove that Donald Trump is innocent of this big lie nonsense, but we might even be able to prove that he actually won in 2020. Let’s get into it. In October 8, 2020, a black female identifying herself as Brianna Hawkins dropped off a massive dump of voter registration applications at the Muskegon, Michigan city Clerk’s office. It is estimated that Hawkins delivered between eight and 10,000 voter registration applications. These applications were immediately flagged as fraudulent, and the police were called. The police then followed Brianna Hawkins back to her office, which they then raided. In these offices, police found guns, silencers, burner phones, prepaid cash cards, and, of course, partially filled out voter registration applications.

October of 2020, some women brought in some stacks of these registrations in Muskegon, Michigan, into the city clerk’s office. We’re talking about tens of thousands, we believe, but in that office, the report says 8000. And the city clerk noticed that they all had the same handwriting. She contacted the state police. They started an investigation. They found the two offices locally where they were filling out these registrations. The policeman raided one of these offices. When they went into these offices, Steve, they found semi automatic weapons. They found silencers. They found bags of these prepaid cash cards. They found burner phones. It’s unbelievable, this story. And we also know that this group had several offices across Michigan.

Jim Hoft: They turned it over to the FBI, and you know what happened, Steve? This will shock you but it died. The last update was, I believe, in 2022, and it says that it’s still being investigated. So you know what that means. Steve nothing’s being done. They have done nothing with this. Just like Hunter’s laptop that goes to the FBI and then disappears. So this is just another instance that shows that our FBI is against the people of this country and they’re participating in stealing the elections. I think we found the culprits here.

Mr. Reagan: Now, keep in mind that these were not fraudulent ballots. These were fraudulent voter registration applications. But a great way to get legitimate ballots that you would then fill in fraudulently would be to get a lot of fake voter registrations processed. So when we’re talking about voter fraud, this is one step in the process of rigging an election. This is just as serious as if they’d found boxes full of fake ballots.

They were filling out registrations. They need these bloated voter rolls in order to cheat and steal. And I believe that that’s something I.

Firmly believe it’s the predicate when you get them to get the mail in the phony ballot, harvesting the mail in ballots, the predicate you got to get the phony registrations. That’s what they’re doing in the college towns that’s they did in Nevada, that’s they did in Pennsylvania. That’s what they’ve done. That is a predicate, has to be done.

Watch the entire video:

Author: Robert Endlich

Robert W. Endlich served as Weather Officer in the USAF for 21 Years. From 1984-1993, he provided toxic corridor and laser propagation support to the High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility at White Sands Missile Range. He has published in the technical literature and worked as software test engineer. He was elected to Chi Epsilon Pi, the national Meteorology Honor Society, while a Basic Meteorology student at Texas A&M University. He has a BA degree in Geology from Rutgers University and an MS in Meteorology from the Pennsylvania State University.