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Welcome New Visitors

By Bob Endlich

This is the starting point for new visitors to become acquainted with some of the errors and other discrepancies associated with the alarmist view of climate change.

Cruces Atmospheric Sciences Forum (CASF) is a group of Scientists, Engineers, and interested lay people who disagree with this notion of catastrophic, human-caused, CO2-Fueled Global Warming, because the facts and basic scientific principles do not support it.  The links on this page will show you measurements and data that cast serious doubt on the notion of climate alarm.

[Note:  This menu item is currently under construction and links will be added as they become available and editing may be in progress for the  documents at the link addresses. Ed]


  1. About Cruces Atmospheric Sciences Forum
  2. Cruces Atmospheric Sciences Forum – Who We Are
  3. Galileo Found Guilty of Heresy for Stating Scientific Facts
  4. Scientists Look at the Data
  5. Meteorological Implications of the Hot Spot
  6. Heavy Rainfall Amounts and Frequencies Are Not Increasing
  7. Extreme Weather is Decreasing
  8. 97% of Scientists Do Not Agree
  9. EPA COEndangerment Finding Is Not Good Science
  10. Crop Yields are Increasing
  11. Convincing Evidence Exists
  12. The Myth of America’s First Climate Refugees
  13. Southeast US Hot Spot?  Not!
  14. State-Sponsored Propaganda
  15. Studying Proxy Data
  16. Carbon Dioxide Traps Heat?
  17. Batteries:  The Impossible Dream
  18. Climate Czar (John Kerry) Puts Ignorance on Display
  19. More Short Climate Topics
  20. Warming Not An Existential Threat-Part I
  21. Warming Not An Existential Threat-Part II
  22. Willie Soon Quotes Richard Lindzen
  23. Top Dozen Graphics Showing the Insanity of Alarmist Ideas