Climate Videos Recommended by Bob

A number of climate videos help demonstrate that there is no “climate crisis,” we are not in danger of a “climate tipping point,” and that claims that the “science is settled” concerning catastrophic global warming are false. I highly recommend these videos at the links below to give you understanding.  [Some of these videos are accessed via links to the internet and are not archived on the CASF site.  If any internet links appear to be broken or no longer available, please let us know about it (see menu item Meta > Contact) so that we may fix the problem or remove the reference to it.  Ed.]

Physicist, Dr. Mariana Alves Pereira discusses the health hazards from low-frequency, infra-sound produced by sources such as the wind mills used to generate electricity.

Dr. Patrick Michaels is interviewed by Mark Levin on Life Liberty and Levin in this video presented by Fox News Channel.  Dr. Michaels provides answers to a wealth of questions on climate change (global warming) with emphasis on why and how the climate science is being corrupted.

The effect of cosmic rays on earth’s climate.  This is a video presentation by Professor Nir Shaviv from Hebrew University in Israel.

Benefits of Carbon Dioxide.  Here is one from which shows the benefits to plants and crops from enriching the atmosphere with CO2, “Seeing is Believing.”

Carbon Dioxide Not Primary Cause of Global Warming.  Several of the videos from show important points not often heard in the Mainstream Media. Here is a video which demolishes the idea that the present warmth is caused only by our addition of  CO2 to the atmosphere, “Carbon Dioxide and Atmospheric Warmth.”

Carbon Dioxide Is Good and Necessary to Life.  This video,  “CO2, The Breath of Life” is a stunning demonstration that CO2 is NOT a pollutant; it is the substance which allows animals and humans to survive and thrive.

Great Global Warming Swindle.  British producer Martin Durkin has provided us a wonderful documentary,  “The Great Global Warming Swindle,”  a feature-length documentary which provides a great and authoritative expose’ of this manufactured crisis.  It is an hour and 13 minutes long and worth every minute!

[Concerning the GGWS video above, when I first started studying recent climate developments, the faces in this video were strangers to me. Since then, I have met many of them and know several on a first-name basis: Willie Soon, Paul Driessen, Roy Spencer, and Fred Singer.]

Really Bad Climate Predictions.  Tony Heller speaks about the topic “Can We Trust Climate Scientists” in this 5-minute youtube video in which he torpedoes frequently made predictions about melting ice and the arctic becoming ice free.  Climate scientists and activists have been making such claims for a long time now and have always ended up with egg on their faces.

James Hansen’s Predictions.  In this video, Tony Heller speaks about the predictions James Hansen’s made during his presentation to congress in 1988.

Global Warming Scam Exposed.  In this May 2017 video, Dr. Patrick Moore, a past executive director of Green Peace,  talks about the global warming scam during this interview on Louder with Crowder.  He refers to the alarmists as the climate evidence deniers, and said that almost all of those climate scientists that proclaim that we are on the path to catastrophic warming owe their sustenance to public funding.  He says private funds would never pay for something so dubious.  Moore says that consensus is a political and social word that has no place in science.  He also says a 1 or 2 degree warming would be very beneficial to the planet.  A warmer world would be a wetter world where more places would be wetter and fewer dryer, and that would be very beneficial.  He talks about how Willie Soon was smeared by the New York Times, because he attributed global warming to the sun.

Climate Change Lies.  The top 10 climate change lies exposed by Rob Martin Jr. is an excellent six-minute video that clearly and succinctly destroys arguments that attempt to promote the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming hypothesis.

Australian Malcolm Roberts puts carbon dioxide and its purported effects on the climate into perspective with this short but effective video in which he illustrates the tiny amount of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere through human activities.  He is campaigning against the Australian carbon tax on fossil fuels, which will be extremely expensive for the Australians yet accomplish nothing with respect to the climate.  He wants to “axe the tax!”

Look for more videos to be added.

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