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A number of climate videos help demonstrate that there is no “climate crisis,” we are not in danger of a “climate tipping point,” and that claims that the “science is settled” concerning catastrophic global warming are false. I highly recommend these videos at the links below to give you understanding.  After arriving at this page, you may need to wait a few moments for the graphics to load.  [Some of these videos are accessed via links to the internet and are not archived on the CASF site.  If any internet links appear to be broken or no longer available, please let us know about it (see menu item Meta > Contact) so that we may fix the problem or remove the reference to it.  Ed.

Climate – The Movie by Tony Heller is a video about the climate scam featuring some of the world’s leading scientists discussing the absurdity behind climate alarmism.  This is an excellent movie that summarizes most of the flaws in the climate alarmist narrative.

“Why Renewable Energy Is Rubbish” is a video that summarizes what it is about in its title.  Wind and solar are the future, we’re told. The pursuit of so-called renewable energy has become the defining mission of many Western governments, who say we’re just one more heave away from a clean and sustainable future – powered by cheap and plentiful ‘green’ electricity. There’s just one problem with this narrative. It’s completely untrue. Here, Fraser Myers explains why renewables are not the answer to our energy needs. Indeed, unless we change course, they will spell a colder, poorer future for us all.

This video presents comments by Mark Mills while being interviewed regarding the left’s intention to go “all electric by 2035”.  He explains what is involved and all of the many problems making such a goal impossible with present day technology.  Mark Mills discusses similar problems in another video on this page titled, “Unobtainium.”

The below video, “US’ Enemies are not going to like this video” is a little over 16 minutes long.

Understanding the rationale behind this video explains why Socialists/Communists who hate the USA are using fear of global warming to enable the liberals at home to defeat us from the inside, since defeating us from the outside is so difficult.

One specific example of this hatred of the US comes from the Club of Rome’s book, “The First Global Revolution” published in 1991, and from p75, this quote, “In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fill the bill.”

The word enemy is indeed correct.

In this video, there is the understated subtext that North America and especially the USA are the most energy-rich areas in the world today.


Before you pull the trigger on buying that new, shiny, shiny electric vehicle, you might want to view this video.


-This is the reason why some underground car parks in Germany don’t allow electric powered vehicles onto their premises.
-What you see in this video is an electric car with a shorted cell at a charging station setting off all the rest. It’s a chain reaction from the first to the fiery end.  Note the time it took to destroy 3 cars, 1.15 minutes. The first car was destroyed in about 38 seconds.
-The lithium fire cannot be extinguished with water. No fire department will approach a burning battery-powered car because of the toxic gasses produced during the fire.
-No recycling place will take the car’s remains because of the toxic chemicals the batteries contain.
-Maybe we should slow down our rush to replace existing sources of transportation until we find a safe, sustainable power source. Or perhaps we should forget all this “Climate Change Bullshit” and just keep driving ever-safer gas powered vehicles


Global cooling was the climate scare being pushed in the 1970’s.  Since it didn’t happen, Alarmists now are persistently trying to deny that it was ever predicted to happen.  This excellent video by Climate Discussion Nexus makes such denials difficult to justify or prove.  This one is well worth your time!


This is an excellent video by Prager University on the lack of progress converting to renewable energy and why the likelihood of faster progress in the future is unlikely.

“Climate Science 101” was put together by David Siegel for the purpose of presenting what is known and what is untrue regarding climate science.  Science has never been settled on climate change and those who come up with “research studies” about how we are all going to die if we don’t somehow manage to cool the Earth – are usually paid by those who want those results.  Siegel relies heavily on science to dispute what the alarmists would want you to believe about climate change.

This video about carbon dioxide by Patrick Moore, co-founder of Green Peace, is presented by Prager University.  It explains in a very clear and concise manner why carbon dioxide is not a pollutant as claimed by the EPA, but is an important and necessary component of the atmosphere that supports all life on earth.

This video produced by Neils Bohr Institute Department of Geophysics shows how Greenland ice cores are used to develop proxies to determine historic temperatures.  Curator Jorgen Peder Steffensen takes the viewer through the processing of the ice cores and shows the resulting temperature history chart.  The chart illustrates that the lowest temperatures of the last 10,000 years occurred at the same point in time that man began measuring air temperatures and keeping temperature records about 150 years ago.  This temperature profile agrees with a number of other studies from other locations throughout the world.  He points out that the fact that the temperature has risen since it reached that low point really is not very revealing and fails to show whether the temperature increase was natural or due to activities of man.  He calls this a very poorly designed experiment.

MyPillow guy, Mike Lindell, continues with his investigations of the 2020 election that fraudulently made Joe Biden the President of the US.

In his latest video, “Scientific Proof, ” Lindell speaks with physical scientist, Dr. Frank, about his examination of the vote totals and his discovery of the algorithm used to manipulate the vote count.  If you have been wondering how so many precincts and counties ended up with more votes cast than registered voters or voting age adults, this video will tell you how that might have happened.

At the same link as above, there also is another quite long, and even more informative video by Lindell that is extremely impressive called, “Absolute Proof,” and it provides compelling evidence of how the election was interfered with by foreign entities, such as China.

“Absolute Proof” includes information from investigations by a series of investigators and scientists.  It also includes very clear and detailed cybor data from the 2020 election that is very incriminating for the foreign entities interfering in our elections.  According to the video, adding up the votes that were switched and applying them to the vote totals indicates that Donald Trump won this election by a massive 80 million votes to 68 million votes for Biden.  It should be noted that these vote manipulations could not have happened without help from within this country.  It should also be noted that the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA and numerous other Federal Agencies were notified of this problem both before and after the election and they all refused to investigate.  Why?

This video by Mark Mills of the Manhattan Institute for Prager University discusses the insurmountable problems associated with so-called “clean renewable energy.”  The video is named “Unobtainium” after the fictional, magical substance introduced in the movie Avatar.  This video is short, concise, and factual.

This Climate Nexus video (below) narrated by Dr. John Robson discusses and exposes the Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) 8.5 scam.


In the above video, Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman defines and discusses the Scientific Method for doing research.  After viewing and thinking about the Scientific Method, try to find where this rigorous approach to doing science has been applied to climate change.

This is yet another excellent Climate Discussion NEXUS video in which Dr. John Robson examines the vital question of how much warming CO2 really causes. How high is ECS (Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity), the amount of warming scientists expect if atmospheric CO2 doubles?  The temperature measurement data suggests that ECS falls somewhere in the lower end of the range of predicted values (1.5 to 4.5 ºC) and, therefore, global warming is not only not catastrophic but may not even be much of a problem.


Most people with an interest in climate change are at least somewhat familiar with Michael Mann’s  “hockey stick” temperature graph, which has been debunked over and over by climate skeptics.  Nevertheless, many alarmists continue to claim that it has not been debunked.   The video below is an excellent backgrounder on one of the elements of the graph that was debunked – namely “hide the decline,” which was also the inspiration for this amusing video about Michael Mann’s shenanigans.  Quiet truncation data that doesn’t fit the narrative should be sufficient for honest people to classify this temperature chart as pure junk science.  View the climategate backgrounder video below.


This is an excellent video by an impressive young lady, Naomi Seibt, on her Journey to Climate Realism.  We highly recommend it to anyone interested in climate change.


Trump adviser Dr. William Happer talks about climate alarmism during COP25 in Madrid, Spain in this recently posted vidio.


Dr. Willie Soon gives many talks on climate change/global warming.  This presentation is not only comprehensive but also extremely interesting and entertaining from beginning to end.


Willie Soon is always entertaining and will make you laugh, but at the same time he is very serious about his concerns regarding off-the-rails science and the “so called” catostrophic, human-caused climate change.  This very recent video was sponsored by the Independent Institute.  Following Willie Soon’s presentation, you might want to skip to the Q & A part of the video where Willie fields most of the questions.



Lord Christopher Monckton gives the keynote address at the 13th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC13) held at the Trump Hotel, Washington DC on 25 July 2019.  He provides additional details and research regarding problems with the IPCC climate models and provides comprehensive explanations on what is wrong with them and why.  He shows additional work and results on a simple climate model he has been working on for several years.  His results show that there is not a CO2/global warming crises, that there never has been, and that there will not be in the future.


Many people are aware of how abysmal the NASA GISS databases are when it comes to accurate, reliable, data that hasn’t been fudged to better fit the preconceived agenda, but is the HADCRUT 4 database anything to brag about?  Take a look at this video by Marc Morano and decide for yourself.

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Peter Temple discusses climate cycles in the relatively short video presented below.  He believes the Sun is about to enter a grand solar minimum bringing a cold, dry climate along with the financial distress that happens approximately every 170 years.  He bases his projection on what has repeatedly happened in the past and does not foolishly rely on inaccurate, poorly-based, climate models that have always been wrong.


Princeton University Professor William Happer is interviewed about global warming in the below video from Conversations That Matter.  The discussion is mostly about the fact that Earth is experiencing a carbon dioxide drought and why more carbon dioxide is beneficial.  There is also some discussion of climate models, clouds, and water vapor.


Below is a video from Tony Heller at in which he carefully outlines how NOAA has corrupted the US temperature record.  If you have any doubt that the alarmist claims of catostrophic anthropogenic global warming is based on phony, fake science the below video should at least convince you to take a second look at the claims.


Dr. Brian Tinsley, Professor Emeritus, University of Texas at Dallas gives an outstanding and unique presentation on solar influences on weather and climate change in the Youtube video below.  He outlines a number of very important solar- and electromagnetic-related effects on climate.   He provided this briefing at the “Observing the Frontier” conference held in Albuquerque, NM during 15 – 17 February 2019.


The below briefing was another excellent presentation on space weather effects on climate given at the 2019 Observing the Frontier conference in Albuquerque.  The speaker identified a fatal flaw in climate change science.  Unfortunately, we were unable to identify the speaker.  Nevertheless, his presentation is outstanding and highly recommended viewing.


Sea Level Rise.  During the 2014 International Climate Change Conference 9 in Las Vegas, one day at breakfast I sat with Geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook of Western Washington University and briefly met another Geologist, Dr. Nils Axel Morner from Sweden who has devoted his career to the study of sea level change and has numerous publications on that subject.

Morner is quite the observational Geologist, and has reached quite different conclusions from the computer modelers, whom he takes to task in this video from 2016

NB the tree in the Maldives about the 13:00 mark, cut down by “climate scientists” from Australia because the existence of that tree belied the catastrophic sea level rise proclaimed by the climate alarmist community, and which is mentioned in this post:

Dr Morner presented the results of his latest observations at ICCC-13 in Europe. This post describes his presentation.

Morner has this interesting video, in which he analyzes the post-Wisconsin Ice Age rebound of Scandinavia after most of the ice melted, and finds a zero line between measured sea level fall (actually where the land is undergoing glacial rebound) and sea level rise at the Kattegat between Denmark and Sweden which has four tide gages. Next, he has interesting observations from New Caledonia and concludes with an analysis that there are signs of a rotational eustasy driven by earth moon super cycles having the familiar 60-year cycles, Solar Grand Cycles of maximum and minimum, and a beat of the Sun-Earth-Moon and giant planets as a system. To Morner, CO2 plays no role and he openly takes the IPCC COP-24 participants to task.

Professor Valentina Zharkova discusses solar magnetic fields and dynamos and their effects on global climate in this very interesting Youtube video.  Professor Zharkova has developed a set of equations that can be used to predict future sunspot cycles that are quite accurate and reproduce past sunspot cycles quite well.  She says that we are rapidly approaching a solar minimum similar to the Maunder minimum.   She expects this mimimum to begin around 2020 and last until around 2053 or about 3 sunspot cycles.  Consequently, we should know in 5 to 10 years how well her prediction appears to be panning out.  This is an excellent presentation complete with slides and is highly recommended viewing.

This short, 5-minute video by Richard Lindzen, emeritus prof from MIT, groups Global Warming/Climate Change people into three groups, IPCC “believers,” Climate Skeptical Scientists, and agitators, including Politicians, Environmental Activists, and Mainstream Media.  Groups One and Two are scientists who agree on much, but not the climate catastrophe proclaimed by Group 3, the non-scientist loudmouths.  Lindzen was described by prof, the late Hans A. Panofsky, as “the brightest young meteorologist in the country today, but that description was fifty-one years ago!  This video is worth watching a couple of times.

This video by Richard Lindzen,  is fewer than three minutes long, yet it describes the corruption brought about by money in the form of government, i.e., political grants.

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist who brings a keen analysis to the notion that, one way to bring us all together is to “fix global warming” in this six and one half minute video.  Peterson’s strength is in providing workable solutions to complex social problems and his analytical skills are on display here, but he shreds the idea that there are simple solutions. He brings doubt to the climate modeling enterprise.


Especially in New Mexico, there is a strong effort to browbeat oil and gas producers for drilling, production, transport and storage facilities that might leak natural gas, also known as methane.  In the past, in the early 1970s, I witnessed a laboratory where scientists were estimating laser atmospheric absorption losses by propagating a laser through a long tube into which various gases and mixtures of gases were introduced, then measuring the loss in power as different lasers were propagated through that tube; it is called a White Cell.  I assume that is how the IPCC determines that Methane is a powerfully absorbing and emitting greenhouse gas some 25x the power of CO2. However true that may be in a White Cell, it is NOT true in the real atmosphere, because Methane, CH4 rapidly oxidizes into CO2 and Water Vapor. As natural gas, methane makes an ideal heating fuel because it oxidizes and releases heat in the form of a gas flame. Sorry for the long introduction to Tony Heller’s video, The Big Methane Lie, but Tony shows other elements in this story which reveal the deceptions by the Alarmist community in this 10:27 video.

Quite unlike many climate alarmists, Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, starts off by describing the naturally occurring warm and cold periods revealed through history the past 2000 years in this video of fewer than five minutes. Moore concludes by noting the nasty and mean-spirited nature of the name calling by the Alarmists.

I really like Tony Heller’s videos; they present a lot of information in a short period of time. In “The Fundamental Deception of Climate Science,”  Tony uses a global warming graphic from the halls of the National Center on Atmospheric Science to disprove the notion that CO2 controls Temperature.  This is not the only time Tony uses NCAR’s own publication to show the false nature of the Global Warming Alarm; he uses an NCAR graphic from 1974 during the global cooling scare to show how NASA has changed previously published data for political purposes, seems like fraud to Tony, and me. A worthwhile ten minutes on a good topic to explore!

In this video Tony Heller plays a video persuasive to some by British video maker “Potholer,” who purports to describe initiation of ice ages by small perturbations. Potholer tries to say that the recent increase of <CO2> by 100 PPM is the perturbation which will set off a huge global warming episode.  Using critical thought, Tony’s video explores the notion of feedbacks and shows how Potholer’s contention is wrong.  I especially like Tony’s statements along the lines of, if uncontrolled feedback were occurring, we would have out of control hothouse earth or out of control snowball earth. “Debunking the Debunker,” is 18 ½ minutes long.

The Climate Change Cartoons in this link are provided for your amusement.  More cartoons will be added as they become available.

Physicist, Dr. Mariana Alves Pereira discusses the health hazards from low-frequency, infra-sound produced by sources such as the wind mills used to generate electricity.

Dr. Patrick Michaels is interviewed by Mark Levin on Life Liberty and Levin in this video presented by Fox News Channel.  Dr. Michaels provides answers to a wealth of questions on climate change (global warming) with emphasis on why and how the climate science is being corrupted.

The effect of cosmic rays on earth’s climate.  This is a video presentation by Professor Nir Shaviv from Hebrew University in Israel.

Benefits of Carbon Dioxide.  Here is one from which shows the benefits to plants and crops from enriching the atmosphere with CO2, “Seeing is Believing.”

Carbon Dioxide Not Primary Cause of Global Warming.  Several of the videos from show important points not often heard in the Mainstream Media. Here is a video which demolishes the idea that the present warmth is caused only by our addition of  CO2 to the atmosphere, “Carbon Dioxide and Atmospheric Warmth.”

Carbon Dioxide Is Good and Necessary to Life.  This video,  “CO2, The Breath of Life” is a stunning demonstration that CO2 is NOT a pollutant; it is the substance which allows animals and humans to survive and thrive.

Great Global Warming Swindle.  British producer Martin Durkin has provided us a wonderful documentary,  “The Great Global Warming Swindle,”  a feature-length documentary which provides a great and authoritative expose’ of this manufactured crisis.  It is an hour and 13 minutes long and worth every minute!

[Concerning the GGWS video above, when I first started studying recent climate developments, the faces in this video were strangers to me. Since then, I have met many of them and know several on a first-name basis: Willie Soon, Paul Driessen, Roy Spencer, and Fred Singer.]

Really Bad Climate Predictions.  Tony Heller speaks about the topic “Can We Trust Climate Scientists” in this 5-minute youtube video in which he torpedoes frequently made predictions about melting ice and the arctic becoming ice free.  Climate scientists and activists have been making such claims for a long time now and have always ended up with egg on their faces.

James Hansen’s Predictions.  In this video, Tony Heller speaks about the predictions James Hansen’s made during his presentation to congress in 1988.

Global Warming Scam Exposed.  In this May 2017 video, Dr. Patrick Moore, a past executive director of Green Peace,  talks about the global warming scam during this interview on Louder with Crowder.  He refers to the alarmists as the climate evidence deniers, and said that almost all of those climate scientists that proclaim that we are on the path to catastrophic warming owe their sustenance to public funding.  He says private funds would never pay for something so dubious.  Moore says that consensus is a political and social word that has no place in science.  He also says a 1 or 2 degree warming would be very beneficial to the planet.  A warmer world would be a wetter world where more places would be wetter and fewer dryer, and that would be very beneficial.  He talks about how Willie Soon was smeared by the New York Times, because he attributed global warming to the sun.

Climate Change Lies.  The top 10 climate change lies exposed by Rob Martin Jr. is an excellent six-minute video that clearly and succinctly destroys arguments that attempt to promote the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming hypothesis.

Australian Malcolm Roberts puts carbon dioxide and its purported effects on the climate into perspective with this short but effective video in which he illustrates the tiny amount of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere through human activities.  He is campaigning against the Australian carbon tax on fossil fuels, which will be extremely expensive for the Australians yet accomplish nothing with respect to the climate.  He wants to “axe the tax!”

Look for more videos to be added.

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