Global Warming: Gore’s Huge Cost Estimate – Kill this Plan in its Cradle

Al Gore has put a price tag on ending global warming and it is enormous.  According to Constitution a group of executives calling themselves the Energy Transition Commission (ETC) want some countries (think USA) to spend up to $600B per year for 20 years on this imaginary problem.  They say that an additional $300B to $600B per year does not pose a major macroeconomic challenge to meet the goals of the Paris agreement. Continue reading “Global Warming: Gore’s Huge Cost Estimate – Kill this Plan in its Cradle”

Science (AAAS) Ignores Carbon Dioxide’s Positive Effect on Crop Yields


A short piece in Science (AAAS) by Kelly Servick (Mar 6, 2017) ignores carbon dioxide in explaining how increased sunlight has caused U.S. corn yields to grow over the past 3 decades.  Servick says the increased sunlight was due to decreased atmospheric aerosol content and that projections by global climate models indicate that this will not continue into the future due to rising temperatures and drought.  Interestingly, the positive effects of carbon dioxide on plant drought tolerance and fertilizing effect were not mentioned.