Debunking Climate Myths – Columns and Letters

Climate myths run rampant world wide and locally as the following links aptly point out.  The files on this page are columns and letters most of which have been published in the Las Cruces Sun-News.

This photo speaks for itself regarding at least one so-called “clean,” renewable energy source.  You just cannot fix stupid!

Forum member, Steve McGee, responds to an article by Peter Goodman in the Las Cruces Sun-News regarding “Climate Weirding” in Pakistan.  McGee says that the “weirding” is actually a normal weather phenomenon called baroclinic instability.  Forum member, Bob Endlich, also provides comments by email to Peter Goodman regarding this same article and asks “which scientists say this” and “exactly what are they on to?”  Bob is waiting for a response.

Leah Romero (Las Cruces Sun-News) touts a record high temperature set at the NM State University weather station.  Temperatures recorded at this station are dubious at best due to its poor siting which does not meet World Meteorological Organization siting standards.  Consequently, high temperatures are frequently (probably usually) wrong due to the a combination of poor exposure and urban heat island effect causing them to be higher than they would be had the siting been correct.  Bob Endlich pointed out this problem with a set of comments posted to the Sun News article Comments, concatenated here,  and provides evidence suggesting that the new record was not really a record high temperature.  In this writeup, portions of the original Romero article are presented in green and Bob’s comments are in black below that section.  Click on the link to see both sets of comments.

Forum member, Dave Tofsted, and Coalition of Conservative Action Chairman, Juan Garcia, coauthor this OpEd for the New Mexico Sun on eliminating Biden Administration imposed restrictions on oil production to reduce gasoline prices and the inflationary price increases resulting from higher gasoline prices.  It is important to note that the Biden Administration actually want the higher prices to discourage the use of fossil fuels in a delusional attempt to prevent or reduce global warming.

Forum member, Dave Tofsted, responds to a snarky letter to the editor comparing the Canadian Freedom Truckers to Nazi Germany during WWII.

Bob Endlich responds to a poorly informed climate change activist’s claim that capitalism resulting in climate change has caused increases in sea-level rise.

With the fire season upon us, Dave Tofsted provides a more realistic explanation than the inevitable “human-caused climate change” explanation for modern forest fires.

Bob Endlich responds on-line to a Las Cruces Sun-News opinion letter that recommends “Governments Need to Step Up on Climate Change.”  It begins with the original letter and follows with Bob’s comments.

On 6/17/2021, Bob Endlich sent out an email to some of the CASF group about how each of the Land Grant Colleges with which he has been affiliated has entered the abyss of human-caused CO2-fueled
climate catastrophe, an abyss of their own making and twisted imaginations.  In his email, Bob referenced a link to a document authored by Pat Michaels, which is available here.

Nina Benavidez’ Las Cruces Sun-News opinion piece on climate change is taken to task by Bob Endlich here.  Benavidez opens her statement on climate change with this statement, “The science is crystal clear.  We have fewer than 10 years to radically change our course or face the great consequences of our ongoing ecological destruction spanning from our extractive industries. ”  Alarmists have been making predictions such as this for decades, and invariably they have been proven wrong.  Bob makes this point and provides a number of examples of such predictions intended to cause fear and panic, and all proven to be wrong.

A poorly informed individual writes a letter to the editor of the Las Cruces Sun-News regarding imagined ill-effects caused by leaking methane gas in New Mexico.  Bob Endlich responds by showing how the writer is misinformed on the effects of methane gas.

In this letter to the Las Cruces Sun-News, Bob Endlich provides comments on the video-based lecture provided to New Mexico State University on February 6th, 2019 by Katherine Hayhoe.  Hayhoe is a master of propaganda, and, basically, this lecture consisted of mostly unsubstantiated claims that are easily refuted with an examination of the actual data.  When Bob asked a question during the Q&A period, Hayhoe resorted to politics by asking him if he had ever voted for a Democrat.  Bob responded in the affirmative even though the question was clearly out of bounds; however, the question may have accidentally demonstrated that the alarmist agenda is political and not scientific which many people have been asserting for a long time.  Hayhoe must have realized her error, because she then claimed to not belong to any political party and that she was apolitical.  Her attempt to recover from this gaff was quite amusing to watch.

In a Letter to the Las Cruces Sun-News, Bob Endlich criticizes an Op Ed article based on the 4th National Climate Assessment and authored by Gill Sorg .   [Note that Bob has also commented on-line to Sorg’s Op Ed and included numerous references to data that he mentioned.  Bob’s comments can be found below the Op Ed.]  Bob ends his letter which is amply supported by the measurements with the following paragraph:  “Gill Sorg, politician, quotes political documents.  Bob Endlich, meteorologist, quotes measurements.  Believe who you want, people, but measurements tell vastly different stories from what ‘political leaders’ say.”

Michael Wallace criticizes the Bureau of Reclamation in this 31 December 2018 letter to the Albuquerque Journal regarding their determination in a number of recent publications that on an annual average basis, our Rio Grande delivers several million additional and previously undetected acre-feet of water per year.   He points out that observations do not support the claims made by the Bureau.

A recent USA Today editorial regarding the recent defeat of  ballot initiative 1631 to tax hydrocarbons in the state of Washington was published in the Las Cruces Sun-News and was noticed and responded to by Bob Endlich with a letter to the editor.  The editorial was filled with misinformation and plain old nonsense.  In 300 words or less, Bob disputed many of the statements about climate change included in the editorial.

Bob Endlich comments (6 June 2018 Letter) on 6 May 2018 Las Cruces Sun-News USA Today article on carbon dioxide concentrations reaching its highest level in 800,000 years.  The lack of correlation between CO2 and temperature is illustrated by the below plot created by Bernie McCune from temperature measurements collected at a remote location (Jornada) north of Las Cruces.  Jornada is a United States Climate Reference Network station.


Bob Endlich follows up with an additional letter (7 May 2018) supplementing his comments made in his previous letter (1 April 2018) regarding the City’s misguided plan to convert to 100% renewable energy by 2050.

City goals are a display of ignorance . according to Bob Endlich in this Friday the 13th (13 April 2018) letter to the Las Cruces Sun-News.  Even if it were possible to switch to 100% renewable energy by 2050, that energy would not be available on calm or overly windy days or at any time during the night.  Consequently, back up fossil fuel systems would be required to supplement the renewable systems.

Bob Endlich responds (1 April 2018) to a Jeff Steinborn and Sanders Moore (31 March 2018) letter to the Las Cruces Sun-News regarding a  renewable energy plan for Las Cruces.  The link includes the Steinborn Moore letter first followed by Bob Endlich’s comments in which he debunks statements made by Steinborn and Moore in their letter.  Links to the original Sun-News letter are also included.

On 26 March they (finally) published Bob Endlich’s reply to Goodman,  When you get to the part where Bob refers to the early 1900s when water was pumped by windmills and life expectancy was 47 years, the following sentence was not published, perhaps because of space, but it is here:  “Dona Ana County’s life expectancy now exceeds 77 years!”  Goodman’s original 10 March 2018 column and Bob’s Letter to the Editor published on 26 March 2018.  Also, an on-line comment by Bob supplementing his letter can be found in pdf format here.

Two recent stories in USA Today on weather events are used to illustrate that the notion that increasing levels of CO2 are creating more frequent and more severe weather events are incorrect.  Bob Endlich dispels these claims in his letter (2/21/18) to the Sun-News on this subject.

Bob Endlich responds to a 10 February 2018 Las Cruces Sun-News letter by Richard Allen and to a response by Lynn Carol to his comments to Richard Allen.

The recent East Coast cyclone bomb and the failure of climate forecasting are discussed by Bob Endlich in his 26 January 2018 letter published in the Las Cruces Sun News.

Bob Endlich’s 8 January 2018 letter to the editor responds to local Lefty and climate alarmist Peter Goodman’s attempts to zing him with a Christmas Wish using a poster picture of a mosque in Jakarta Indonesia, now in feet of water presumably from human-caused, CO2-fueled, global warming and acceleration of sea level rise….except that Jakarta is literally the poster child of ground subsidence caused by excessive ground water pumping.

Bob Endlich responds in a letter- to-the-editor (14 Dec 2017) to an erroneous claim about sea-level-rise contained in a column by our local Leftist writer, Peter Goodman, who obviously suffers from Trump derangement syndrome.  [We hope that Peter’s fever soon subsides. Ed.]

On 1 November 2017 the Las Cruces Sun-News had as their lead editorial, “Warning on Environment is Ignored,” from their Corporate leaders at USA Today.  Bob Endlich’s reply appeared in the 14 November 2017 edition of the Sun News.  To summarize his opinion of this editorial, he believes that “ignorance appears to be the order of the day, and critical thought, in the direct presence of confounding evidence, is in short supply.”

The Las Cruces Sun-News ran an editorial on the science standards on 27 Oct 17.  Bob Endlich responded to that editorial in the comments section of the on-line Sun-News page.  Decades ago U.S. students ranked second to none in educational achievements, but now US students are well down the list of countries with highly-achieving students.  The primary reason is that schools in this country no longer educate, they indoctrinate.  Our school systems are controlled by the political left who are preoccupied with insuring that every student is indoctrinated with every whacky, political, left-wing idea that is currently in vogue.  Instead of teaching students how to think, they are being taught what to think.  The new science standards were recently changed to include the teaching of human-caused catastrophic global warming as settled science without any discussion of skeptical viewpoints.  It (CAGW) is not settled.  It is simply a hypothesis.  One that is easily disproven. One that was arrived at without the scientific method.   This is one of the items in the debate on NM science standards.

Dave Toftsted criticizes the recently proposed new science standards in this 15 Oct 17 Sun-News Oped.

Bob Endlich responds (10 Aug 2017) to Phillip Box Udall letter supporting NM biofuels.

A 25 Aug 2017 letter to the Las Cruces Sun-News by Bob Endlich discusses Bio fuels and how they are accelerating fossil fuel use.

In a letter (8/8/17) to the Las Cruces-Sun News, Bob Endlich provides information for the reader to see data manipulation fraud in the NASA-GISS data.  This is followed by a Gordon Hill letter disputing claims of NASS-GISS faulty data.  Finally, Bob Endlich provides additional comments on the debate.

Bob Endlich discusses the massive fraud in global warming data (15 Jul 2017) in response to two recent letters praising this same data.

NOAA, NASA Bogus Climate Data letter (13 Jul 2017) by Dave Toftsted to Las Cruces Sun-News in which Dave takes NOAA and NASA to task for their “homogenizing” process that changes temperature declines to temperature increases.

Bob Endlich’s response to USA Today article on sea-level rise published in the Las Cruces Sun-News, Rise in sea level not caused by global warming (1 Jul 2017.)

This is a 3-letter series that begins with Bob Endlich’s 12 June 2017 reply  (in format originally provided to the Sun-News) to a letter in which President Trump was slammed for  pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.  Bob’s letter was actually published in the Sun-News print edition in this format.   Gordon Hill then criticized Bob’s letter, and then Dave Toftsted replied to Gordon Hill’s letter.  Hill’s and Toftsted’s letters are shown here.


Bob Endlich’s 20 May 2017 letter to Sun-News, “Data disprove climate change theories.”

Bob Endlich’s 11 May 2017 Guest Blog on wattsupwiththat, NPR Bungles Sea Level Rise Story.

Bob Endlich’s Sun-News Letter, 1 May 2017, Questions that challenge global warming claims.

Bob Endlich’s Comments Regarding Mythical Claims by State Climatologist Following Dave Toftsted’s 26 Apr 2017 Sun-News Letter

Don’t Risk Economy on Worthless Predictions – Dave Toftsted’s 26 Apr 2o17 Sun-News Letter

Bob Endlich’s Comments – 26 Mar 2017 Paskus Climate Op Ed

Mythical Climate Change 97% Consensus (11 Mar 2016)

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