More Evidence of Deep State Interference in the 2020 Election

Robert W Endlich

In late 2020 I wrote, “ Blatant Examples: Massive Vote Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election,”  which reported on vote and voter fraud in the 2020 “election” of Joe Biden to be US President.

Image by Pixabay

Among the many topics in that 2020 post [that] are prescient of the over three years and counting developments we see today, are the examples showing another truth about election fraud.  Rather than being “stand alone” voting machines whose duties are solely to record the vote, there are examples which show that either the machines were on the Internet and subject to off-site manipulation or were manipulated by persons unknown who had unauthorized access to the machines.

I wrote then, that in Antrim County, Michigan, an audit showed that the Continue reading “More Evidence of Deep State Interference in the 2020 Election”